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CNK Plan can create a unique floor plan style for your real estate agency to really set you apart from your competitors. Convey the true appeal of any property to a buyer, and let them understand the properties appeal in a single glance. In some way floor plans can show the usefulness of a property more than a visit to a yet unused property.

Our Floor Plan Artists uses State-of-the-Art measuring equipment that is quick and incredibly accurate. And our graphic designers ensure that every property floor plan is not only informative but visually appealing.

Our company has the advantage in that:

Industry Leading technology

Precise Floor Plan with Auto Computer Aided Design Program

Fast measurement with laser movement tool (taking less than 20 minutes)

Color Floor Plan

Customer can easily acknowledge the property with colourful description of furniture and floor.


Simple Color Floor Plan

Simple and stylish floor plan that is useful to distinguish yourself from others.


Black & White Floor Plan

Simplest form of floor plan, which can provide the simple information of the property